Selecting Local Tax Advisor Services


Tax Advisor Services Incorporated (TAS), is a full certified, bonded, licensed, full inspected, and fully-screened professional tax assistance agency providing tax related advice and tax planning to individuals, companies, and/or governmental entities. TAS was formed in 1982 by Thomas J. Fee, III. Mr. Fee is a tax specialist and adviser who has been practicing tax policy and tax recovery for nearly 35 years. He is very familiar with tax law, tax codes, the IRS, as well as taxation issues of all types. He and his staff are available to assist you with any tax related questions or concerns at any time. Reach out to WealthAbility for all your tax needs. 
The first thing you should do if you need tax advisor services, is to look for a local tax advisor near you. Most of us go to our local hometowns to get help with our taxes. Tax advisors can also be found online and you should try to find someone in your area through a business listing such as the BBB or Google local. Contacting local tax advisors is much easier than trying to find a tax advisor online because many of them have offices and there will be an address and phone number that you can contact. Many also have websites and you may even be able to purchase insurance from them if you choose to.
Forensic Auditing is another way to find an experienced tax advisor near you. Forensic Auditing is an independent investigative service that is used to help with uncovering criminal activity or fraudulent activity on the tax rolls. Many tax advisors are also forensic auditors. This service is not typically provided by tax advisors, however. If you feel that you need additional financial crimes help, you should ask your local police department or the county sheriff's office in your county if they are familiar with any tax burden assistance.
Another good way to find trustworthy tax advisors in your area is through a business listing such as the Chamber of Commerce or the Better Business Bureau. You will want to make sure that the business has a phone number so you can speak to a live person at any time. Many tax advisors also have websites and you may be able to buy insurance from them if you choose to. If the business you are looking for does not have a website, look for one that does have one. Often times, tax issues can be difficult so having a place to contact someone locally will be helpful. To reduce taxes, here's the strategy to follow. 
After you have narrowed down your list of local tax services, check their background. A tax advisor should have an earned graduate degree and at least five years of experience in local tax issues. It is also advisable to choose an advisor who is local so you can speak to them face-to-face. If you are able to, select three out of the four choices and call each to verify what each has to offer.
You also want to consider if the tax advisor services you are considering offer anything that you cannot use tax laws for yourself. For instance, if you are in a married situation and have a home-based business, you will likely have different tax issues than if you had no business at all. Make sure that your local service will work with you whether you are in a single or multi-state tax issue. If your state tax burdens are less than federal tax issues, then you should use local tax services. Discover more about tax preparation in the USA on this related post:
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